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Over 100 Years and Still Going Strong!

 1915 Established on Main Street in Placerville Cold Storage Building & Distribution Established

1940's & 1950's PFGA grows to become the largest packing house in America, to eventually reach over 300 members

1958 EDC produced over 52,000 tons of pears from 3,400 acres

1962 Disease reducedproduction to 8,500 tons from 2,350 acres

1960's Growers began diversifying their orchards by planting apples, cherries, wine grapes, peaches, nectarines, and Christmas trees, currently grown in an area called Apple Hill, drawing over 35,000 visitors annually

1970's Commercial vineyards & wineries such as Boeger and Madroña begin developing in the Apple Hill area

1976 PFGA suffered a devastating fire - total loss

1976 PFGA moved to their current 8-acre facility at 4600 Missouri Flat Road

2015 PFGA celebrating their 100th Anniversary!
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